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Knitting Department

In the east of Shandong Province, Weihai,Yantai,Qingdao,these 3 cities have been built to the no. 2 biggest processing base for sweater in China through the developing of 10 years. Under this kind of circumstances, the KNITTING DEPARTMENT effectively utilizes and reorganizes production resources, tightly follows the fashion trend, immediately meets buyers' requirement. The products cover from 3gg/5gg/7gg/9gg/12gg regular category, to computer jacquard,intarsia, and handmade. The sweater such as pullover, cardigan, kid's in different styles knitted by the raw material of cotton, cotton/acrylic, acrylic, acrylic/wool, rayon/nylon, and various fancy yarn are very popular and welcome in overseas market.

Cut-sew Department

This department is based on Weihai area, but takes a broad view to whole China. In production, most of fabric is purchased from South of China, and some orders are directly produced around Shanghai area until sewing and finishing. We set up an office in Shanghai for quality controlling and fabric sourcing. Collecting information as much as possible, following the fashion trend as quick as possible, controlling the quality as tight as possible, is our principles to compete in the market.

Brand Sales Department

Due to the developing of China's economy, rising of consumers' aesthetic judgement, the brand clothes are selling better and better in China domestic market. Now it is the best chance for foreign brand clothes to enter into China market. This department is responsible for investigation and research of China domestic market, developing sales channels, raising the sales amount as a general sale agent for foreign brand owners.