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Precautions for workers abroad

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2023/09/09 14:45

If you want to go abroad for labor (the labor personnel sent to Japan and South Korea to say the trainee), please read the following matters carefully, it can help you understand the state's regulations, procedures and precautions on the country's labor services. To solve the various difficulties encountered during the process of going abroad or during foreign labor, to prevent being deceived, better safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and reflect the good quality and image of Chinese laborers.

1. How to choose a foreign company?

First of all, you must understand whether the company's company has the qualifications for foreign labor operations approved by the Ministry of Commerce. All companies approved by the Ministry of Commerce collectively referred to as operating companies. To avoid being deceived, you can learn through the following channels:

(1) Learn from the outer scriptures of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Commerce (Tel: 0351-3046214);

(2) Inquiry on www.mofcom.gov.cn on the website of the Ministry of Commerce

In addition, some units, departments, or enterprises are entrusted by the operating company to recruit workers abroad. You should understand the situation of entrusting their business companies.

(3) Inquiry on www.docsx.gov.cn on the website of the Provincial Department of Commerce

2. What should I understand before registering?

Before signing up, you must focus on the following situations:

(1) The names of the country, region, business companies, and foreign employers that go to the country;

(2) What work, work period, and whether there is a trial period. Daily or weekly work days, daily working hours;

(3) Remuneration: Including monthly basic salary, overtime and holiday overtime, salary and overtime pay distribution methods. Under normal circumstances, foreign employers will directly pay you salary, or transfer it to you by operating a company, or deposit in your bank account.

At the same time, you can ask the company to show a copy of the "Qualification Certificate for Foreign Labor Work Cooperation". A contract signed with an employer. If you recruit people entrusted by the operating company, you can ask them to provide a copy of the "Examination Qualification Certificate of Foreign Labor Works Cooperation" issued by the commissioned company and the Ministry of Commerce and the copy of the contract signed by the company and the employer.

3. What fees do I need to pay before going abroad?

Before going abroad, the cost you need to be buried and no longer refunded is:

(1) Physical examination fee: The medical examination can be performed by you to hospitals above the county level, or it can be organized by the operating company. The cost is paid according to the actual hospital, and the receipt is left;

(2) Training fee: According to the length of the training time, the operating company shall explicitly indicate the standards (including textbook fees, examination fees, and "Examination Fees, and" Examination Examination Examination Examination Certificate "). Give it to the business company. The training is approved by the operating company through the state. The training center with qualified training is performed. The training period is at least 48 lessons.

(3) Passport and visa fee: delivered in accordance with regulations;

(4) Airport construction fee: pay in accordance with national regulations;

(5) Prevention needle: Payment by the actual situation of the epidemic prevention department;

(6) The notarization fee you signed by the dispatched company will pay according to the amount of receipt.

4. Why participate in training?

Training will help you further understand the situation of the country, understand the basic rights and obligations of your work abroad, and help you adapt to foreign work faster and improve your work skills. This is your right. There is no "Qualification Certificate for Training for Foreign Officials", and you cannot be sent to work abroad.

5. What issues should be paid attention to when signing a contract with the business company and employers?

The contract you signed with the business company is called the "Foreign Labor Works Contract". The contract signed by the Foreign Employment King is called the "Employment Contract". "The internal customers are basically the same. Special attention should be paid to the agency of the agency units that do not provide a copy of the attorney of the business company, the acting unit signed by a contract signed by the business company and the foreign employer signed the "Foreign Labor Service Contract".

When signing a contract, special attention must be paid to the following contents: work location, occupational work, labor conditions, and working hours. Rest vacation, labor remuneration, transportation, living conditions, responsibilities that violate labor contracts, contract changes and the conditions for lifting labor contracts, female workers and special workers' labor protection conditions, disputes and disputes, and handling of work injury accidents.

Gas and hydropower costs, commuting costs, income tax. Medical insurance (some countries such as Japan, dental diseases are not within medical insurance) and personal casualties insurance, air tickets for going abroad and returning home, labor protection supplies, and security deposits paid by employers to the local government.

It should be reminded that you must preserve every contract signed. Once a dispute occurs, it will be an important legal basis for your legitimate rights and interests.

6. Why do you pay the service fee?

In the agreement between you and the business company signed the "Foreign Labor Contracts" or other forms, according to the state regulations, there are some terms to pay the service fee.

The service fee is the cost of organizing and managing services for the business company and your unit to work abroad.

7. What is the standard for paying service fees?

According to national regulations, if you maintain a labor contract relationship with domestic work units, the service fee cannot exceed 25%of all labor wages you get during foreign work;

If you have no work unit or leave the labor contract with the original unit during the dispatch, the service fee cannot exceed 12.5%of all the contract salary you received during foreign work. For the specific payment, you must calculate it carefully according to the contract.

Please note that you must obtain the receipt and save it as a basis for the future.

8. Do I have to pay an intermediary introduction fee?

If an agency fee occurs, it should be paid by the operating company.

9. What are the procedures for going abroad? How to do it?

The procedures for going abroad include domestic procedures and foreign procedures. Domestic procedures mainly include passports, visas, outbound certificates, training certificates, etc., and some countries and regions need to take needle prevention to avoid infectious diseases. Some countries must apply for a notarization of personal information before approval. These procedures are generally handled by the operating company.

The main materials you need to go through these procedures are: hukou book, ID card, and academic certificate. Photos and so on.

Foreign procedures include entry permits and work permits, which are responsible for foreign employers.

After the above procedures, you can go abroad to work. If you cannot send you out for the reason for operating a company or foreign employers, the company needs to refund your service fee. If you are personal reasons or force majeure, the fee for going abroad will not be refunded.

10. Those problems should be paid attention to when working abroad?

During work abroad, you must strictly implement contracts, abide by local laws and regulations, and respect the living habits of the local people. Don't work for other employers while working for employers, do not go to gambling places or pornographic venues, let alone leave the job without authorization. It is illegal to be called "hacking workers" or "free workers" from the original job to work elsewhere.

You must return to China after the performance period expires. If you fail or go bankrupt during your employer business while working abroad, the contract is suspended, and you must return to China. After returning to China, you can request a refund of the management fee in proportion, and your other losses are recovered according to the contract.

11. What should I do if I encounter difficulties in work abroad?

When you work abroad, you will inevitably encounter some problems. If the employer does not provide living facilities, arrears of wages, overtime pay, and even bullied and scolded according to the contract; emergency incidents such as casualties, natural disasters, or wars may occur. When the above situation occurs, you can protect your rights and interests through the following methods.

(1) The contradiction between you and the employer can negotiate with the employer according to the "Employment Contract" signed by the employer, or it can also report to the local relevant departments; The "Foreign Labor Cooperation Contracts" signed by the employer negotiated with the employer or participated in joint negotiation to solve the problem.

(2) If you have problems and disputes between you and the operating company, you should solve it according to the "Foreign Labor Contracts" signed by the two parties, or solve it through legal procedures in accordance with domestic laws and regulations and policies.

(3) Through major problems that cannot be solved by yourself or operating companies, you can reflect the issues to our ambassador (lead) or representative agencies, seek help or consult.

(4) Natural disasters occur. During the emergency incidents such as the war, the company and the embassy will take the initiative to help you to ensure the safety of your life as much as possible.

12. Remind the special precautions of friends from working abroad

(1) To carefully choose a regular operating company, foreign abroad is not everywhere or gold. Be careful not to be deceived. Some places work very hard and have certain risks.

(2) When you encounter a problem. Do not take the excitement to do it, let alone the illegal actions.

(3) During work abroad, you must fulfill your obligations strictly in accordance with the contract and not allow any local political organizations and cult organizations.

(4) If you need to deposit wages into banks or return to China, you must pass a regular bank. Don't believe in private banks with high interest for making money and avoid being deceived.

(5) You are the citizen of the People's Republic of China. During the state of the Communist Party of China, the state will protect your legitimate rights and interests. But if you leave a Communist worker through an irregular approach, or violate the law abroad, it will be difficult to protect your rights and interests.

(6) For important documents such as your passport and work permit, you can entrust the on -site representatives or employers of the business company to go abroad to manage uniformly, or you can keep it yourself. If you are responsible, you must keep it properly.

If you want to know more detailed, please participate in training abroad.

Finally, I wish you a smooth work abroad and a happy life!

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