Weihai City School of Professional Secondary School is a full-time vocational secondary school established in 2000 with the approval of Weihai Education Bureau (Teacher 137100130000011). In the past ten years since the establishment of the school, the school has always adhered to the idea of ​​“local language teaching as the center, moral education as the first, comprehensive development”, and actively promote quality education. Study abroad and domestic and foreign-funded enterprises have cultivated a large number of export-oriented, innovative and practical professional reserve talents. . In 2002, it passed the ISO9000 quality certification, which further standardized the management of the school.

Geographic location

It is located at No. 185, Science and Technology Road, Gaoji District, Weihai City. It is adjacent to Shandong University Weihai Branch and Jinhai Bay Hospital in the north. The transportation is convenient and the environment is elegant.

Hardware condition

The school implements small class management, and each classroom is equipped with satellite receiving TV, voice repeater, air conditioner and other equipment. It has multimedia computer classrooms, voice classrooms, electronic reading rooms and multi-purpose halls to meet the needs of modern multimedia teaching.


A high-quality, stable faculty is the foundation of school development. The school now has an experienced team of young and middle-aged teachers. The school will regularly organize teachers to study and train in foreign institutions, using advanced teaching methods and educational concepts at home and abroad. Chinese and foreign teachers complement each other, integrating listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating.

Teaching management

The school has always adhered to the "pragmatic, new, steady, and development" road to school and the "all for the students, for the students everything" mission, established a high-quality management team, the implementation of closed paramilitary management mode . Classes are held every Monday to Saturday, and 5 days of rest at the end of each month to save students' travel expenses and ensure the safety of students.


Any graduate who has successfully completed his studies, has excellent academic performance, and has no record of violation of laws and regulations, intends to study abroad or study abroad. The school is recommended to participate in foreign interviews for free. For those who pass the interview, the school is responsible for studying in Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries for study or labor training.

First, study abroad: recommend students to study abroad at a friendly college, continue to further study ※ in foreign countries alone can be admitted to a well-known university.

Second, the domestic study: with Beijing Jiaotong University (Weihai), Shandong Maritime Vocational College, Shandong Institute of Technology Vocational College, Shandong Business Vocational College, Weihai Vocational College, to provide students with a platform for further study.

Third, domestic employment: cooperation with enterprises to open up the domestic employment market for graduates.

4. Foreign labor services: Cooperate with regular labor companies to provide access to Japanese training.